Welcome to the EngDo Collaborative.

We DO, DO you?

Many times, educators find that their departments leave something to be desired. They seek to communicate, collaborate, and foster change, but may lack the local forum to do so effectively. The EngDo Collaborative ends the isolation of the institution. It creates an environment where ideas flourish, inspiration ignites, and collaboration is king. On the surface, the EngDo provides opportunities for resource sharing, but it is the organic relationship we foster and the distributed leadership model we embrace that gives the EngDo its true value.

The EngDo was created by Christine Miles (@ritzius2), Supervisor of English/Language Arts in the Lindenwold Public School District and is modeled after Mike Ritzius’ (@mritzius) SciDo Collaborative. This sibling team is now endeavoring to unite EngDo and SciDo under the EduDo umbrella – a cross-curricular, all-encompassing network of education change-agents.


If you would like to become a contributor to the EngDo Collaborative, please fill out the embedded form. All people are welcome to use materials generated by the collaborative. Members have the additional ability to add resources, comment on resources, editing rights, and full access to the share folders.


**Any questions, concerns, comments?? Feel free to contact Christine Miles @ritzius2 or ritzius2@gmail.com